Welcome to the Podcon Preview Trailer!

Just for Podcon, we thought we’d share an early trailer of what you can expect in Among the Stars and Bones, a sci-fi audio drama about xenoarchaeologists pursuing traces of a vanished alien race across known space. Have a listen. If you like what you hear, consider checking out the rest of the site or following us on Twitter – @amongstarsbones

In order of appearance the trailer contains the voices of Julia Eve, Chris Magilton, Lindsey Dorcus, Graham Rowat, Jordan Cobb and Devin Madson. Theme Music by Oliver Morris.

Among The Stars and Bones - Trailer 1

by Ungodly Hour Productions


[Slow music, eerie with synthesised bells plays. Characters from the show speak snippets of dialogue from episodes over the top]

ADRIENNE: Commence Report–

BEN: Commence Report–

LAURA: Commence Report–

GORDON: Commence Report–

KATHY: So…I guess I start with…Commence Report.

ADRIENNE: We have uncovered a complete, subterranean, alien, colony city.

BEN: It’s incredible. Huge! It just drops away for miles.

LAURA: But I am more concerned with the benefits of this technology, not a history lesson.

KATHY: Proximan remains have been found on-site. This could indicate an evacuation gone wrong.

ADRIENNE: If the site was abandoned, which it seems to be, then there must have been a reason.

BEN: There’s an entire mystery to go through here. Six hundred dead alien bodies. Probably thousands more missing or otherwise unaccounted for.

[A ticking begins in the music, like the second hand on a watch. Then a low rumble]

GORDON: I found a chamber. Something is ticking over down there. It’s not dead.

LAURA: We might figure out how it works by poking it. But unless we’re careful we’ll likely blow our own faces off.

BEN: I asked him to look into that artefact. If something happened to him because of it…

ADRIENNE: Look, I’m just going to get right to it: We have a crew member missing.

[The music now sounds like a distant alarm ringing]

GORDON:There’s no inherent danger involved in what I’m doing.

[The music drops away, a computer speaks a voice over]

COMPUTER: Among the Stars and Bones / is a / science-fiction / xenoarchaeological / audio drama / premiering / April 3, 2019. For more information / go to / www.amongthestarsandbones.com. Or / follow us / on / Twitter: @amongstarsbones

[The music fades out completely]

KATHY: I guess that…wraps it up. Um, End…report?

[A computer tone plays to end the report]